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Our Purpose

We work for not-for-profits. Our purpose is to improve the sustainability of the not-for-profit sector through sharing resources, collaborating on new projects and integrating existing services between NFP organisations. We receive funding from the Mental Health Commission of NSW through the collaborative efforts of our funding partners:

We support the sector through a number of avenues, such as our shared services model. That is, organisations can hire our Operations, Human Resources and Finance teams, which allows our clients to concentrate on their core mission. Additionally, as a co-working hub, we offer office space in the heart of Sydney. In another way, our meeting rooms are available for hire to all businesses and at a discount to fellow not-for-profits. Lastly, we bring people and organisations together through our networks, forums and events. Between the founding partners, we have over 120 years’ combined experience in the not-for-profit sector.

Improving the sustainability of the not-for-profit sector through sharing, collaboration and integration.

We are committed to building the not-for-profit sector through supporting organisations, services and staff to be more effective, productive and sustainable. We equip people and organisations to achieve their goals, through shared services, co-working & tenancy, venue hire & sector development events.

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Our Values

  1. We act ethically and with integrity
  2. We are accountable to each other, to the organisation and to our clients
  3. We are respectful and professional
  4. We strive to be efficient and effective
  5. We are invested in the success of our community

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